Ms. Rodriguez – Fifth Grade Assignments


9/8/2017- Workbook page R1

9/12/2017- Workbook page R4

9/13/2017- What is the Blessed trinity?

                      What did Jesus annouce in the synagogue?

9/15/2017- What was Jesus mission?

                      Why did Jesus use the parables?  

9/19/2017 – Who were the Apostles?

                      Why is the church important?

9/23/2017 – Read pages 34-35 and complete activity at the bottom of the page.

9/26/2017- How are we connected to the other members of the Church?



9/11/2017 Homework #1  

9/12/2017homework  Problems 1-6 &   9/13/2017  7-10

9/15/2017 homework  

9/18/2017  multiplication homework 1-3 Rows 

9/19/2017  Study for tomorrows quiz on Place Values *9/20/2017*

9/21/2017 homework

9/23/2017 homework  

9/25/2017  homework 

9/25/2017- Today’s lesson classwork 

9/26/2017-  homework  Place value Chart place value chart



9/13/2017  What is science?

                      What are the scientific methods?

9/15/2017 Science Article read the article and answer the following:

               Which of these better describes you? A natural philosopher or A scientist. Explain why you selected that as a response.

9/23/2017 – complete lab if not completed.

9/26/2017- Answer the following using escience article nature of science article

                                What are the four scientific habits of Mind? Explain two habits